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Melone Computer Services offers a broad range of services that focus on your technical needs.  We can resolve network, software and hardware issues, allowing you to get the most out of your systems.


Mr. Paul Melone, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, combines a dedicated work ethic and has over 25 years of customer focused experience solving service and technical problems. Paul is an organized individual who will assist you in prioritizing your technical issues. He is willing to work with you step by step to resolve your computer issue or if you would rather he will work through the issue and give you a summary when it is resolved. He leverages his excellent human relation skills to work productively with all clients.



Melone Computer Services


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We take IT support seriously. We like to attack problems or issues with Speed and Control. We believe that IT support is not a commodity. 

In my 25 years of working with computers in many different fields - Water Treatment, .com Tech, Pharmaceutical and Heavy Construction the IT elements are the same and one would think that it has become a commodity. Though I disagree, the service that one delivers with the IT knowledge is what makes the difference. To me service is everything.

Since I was very young I worked at a family business dealing with customers.  I learned not all interactions with customers are easy and it is the responsibility of the service provider to work the situation to a resolution. Sometimes it is standing firm and educating the customer, sometimes it is a compromise, and sometimes it is calculating the risk of failure and letting it move forward against what one believes is the correct actions.

Throughout my career, service has been the focal point of what I offer - individually or with the team that I put together. There are many people and providers that can deliver IT Solutions. There are very few that can deliver great IT Service. 



Clinton, Ma

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